VILLA MICHELLE is a company managed to the tourist and enterprise sector, who offers a private transport service VIP for Executives and a Tour Guide and Guide of Trip Private or in Group, reliable and with the best price in Panama. Villa Michelle has a bilingual service with high knowledge in the tourism in Panama.

We are a guide and at the same time a personal transport for its purchases, transfers towards the hotels, guides for its vacations, transfers from the Airport of Tocumen, transports for businesses in Free Zone of Columbus. We offer private tour in the city of Panama like in all the country.

We offer several PANAMA CITY TOURS. Among them we can visit the CASCO VIEJO of the city (OLD PANAMA), knowing historical centers and colonial architectonic monuments. The seventh wonder of the world: The Panama Canal; MIRAFLORES LOCK in the Pacific and the GATUN LOCK of COLON in the Atlantic. The CAUSEWAY, AMADOR, 3 charming islands to the border of the main entrance of the PANAMA CHANNEL, with multiple restaurants, bars, with the greatest and beautiful deprived navy of Panama with one free zone (DUTY FREE) for its purchases and with the best view of the MODERN CITY and its gigantic skyscrapers.

Visits of RURAL TOURISM and ECO-TOUR, being able to know the 14 NATIONAL PARKS in all the country. Panama is an ideal country for a direct bonding with the tropical rainy forest, unique capital of Latin America surrounded from forests to less than ten minutes of its center and easy access to three National Parks, declared Reserve of the Biosphere and Patrimony of the Humanity (METROPOLITAN PARK, PARK SOBRERANIA, PARK SUMMIT, PARK VOLCAN BARU, PARK the INTERNATIONAL the FRIENDSHIP). Forests with the richest variety of flora and fauna of the world, where they coexist more than 10.000 varieties of plants and 1.000 species of birds.

BARRO COLORADO NATIONAL PARK is the largest forested island in the Panama Canal waterway, is part of the Barro Colorado Nature Monument and is the site of an internationally recognized biological research station.

All the year is also offered CULTURAL TOURS those that they include: wild life, long walks, bicycles, botany, archaeological, photograph, observation of birds, observation of whales, diving, supervisory observation of butterflies, celebrations, excursions to the tropical forests, indigenous culture (like INDIANS OF EMBERA AND INDIANS OF SAN BLAS) and much more.

Others that like the sea, we offer Tourist Guides in best BEACHES of Panama from the pacific ocean (as BEACH SANTA CLARA, PLAYA BLANCA, SANTA CATALINA) to the Atlantic sea (BEACHES OF PORTOBELO, ISLA GRANDE AND BEACHES OF COAST ABOVE AND COAST DOWN).

VILLA MICHELLE offers all type transports terrestrial and tourist excursions not only in the city of Panama but in all the country with diurnal routes and at night. From the moment that you arrive at the Tocumen Airport you will have a bilingual and reliable persons helped you and who offers a personal Tour Guide, based on your tastes and your individual interest.


The San Blas Islands of Panama is an Archipielago of 365 Islands of the north coast of the Panama Isthmus, east of the Panama Canal, which only 49 are inhabited. Home to the Kuna Indians, they are a part of the Comarca Kuna Yala along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

The San Blas islands are a bit of unspoiled Caribbean paradise. Snorkeling is absolutely fantastic with many corals and lots of fish.

There are two options to go to San blas Islands, such as taking an airplane or by 4X4 traveling between the CORDILLERAS, crossing rivers and then take you by Indians canoes (little boat) to preference islands.

The accommodation is still pretty basic. It usually consists of a small number of cabins and little restaurant. Don't expect things the facilities of the hotels at the city.

The rate varies following the number of people and the number of days that was stayed in the island of San Blas. It includes 3 meals of the day, terrestrial transport, transport in boat and Tours around the near islands.

Villa Michelle, a Travel Guide in Panama, can take to know the paradise of the islands of San Blas.


Enjoy the ecotourism in the beautiful Bocas del Toro province, especially in Colon Islands, Isla Colon, in the Caribbean of Panama. In Colon Island (Isla Colon) you will find lodging, restaurants, places, attractions and a lot activity.

Bocas del Toro province has 9 major islands, 50 cays (low, coral-based islands), and 200-plus islets.

We offer a wide diversity of water sports, jungle adventures and much more. Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, water skying, are only a few of the first mentioned, and Bocas del Toro as an archipelago is a big site to do it: coral reefs are everywhere, surfing beaches we have a dozen.

Villa Michelle, a Travel Guide in Panama, can take to know the paradise of the islands of Colon or Bocas del Toro islands.


COIBA ISLAND is located in the Gulf of Chiriquí in Panama. Coiba National Park (Nacional Parque Coiba) is a group of 38 islands including Coiba Island (Isla Coiba) and the waters surrounding them and covers 430,825 acres.

Identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2005, Coiba National Park offers rich and well preserved natural resources.

Isla Coiba was served Panama as a penal colony. The attraction to Santa Catalina, Panama is its natural beauty and vast natural resources. Surfing
has for decades been the main draw for visitors to Santa Catalina. But the reason Santa Catalina exists is its access to abundant fish populations. Fishing and scuba diving are rapidly growing in popularity.

Contact VILLA MICHELLE and explore world of COIBA ISLANDS.


Taboga Island is name the Island of the flowers. Isla Taboga, Panama, is an island steeped in history, an ecologist’s wonderland, and a place where people are friendly and waiting to welcome you.

You can swim in its sparkling clear waters, stroll along its flower lined paths, walk its pristine nature trails, smell the roses, taste the forbidden fruit, explore and discover, smile and be yourself.

Only 12 miles off the mainland coast of Panama, getting to Isla Taboga is safe, easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Two ferry services carry passengers to and from the island on weekend and one on weekdays. The trip is less than an hour.

Villa Michelle, a Travel Guide in Panama, can take to know the paradise of the islands of Taboga.


VILLA MICHELLE can take you to the Miraflores Locks of PANAMA CANAL, then see the historic neighborhood of Casco Antiguo (Colonial City) and enjoy the structure of the colonial monuments. We'll make a stop on the Cause Way of the Panama Bay and admire the city with a panoramic view.

Experience with VILLA MICHELLE a fully one of the seven wonders of world, cross from one ocean to another, and bear witness to one of the great engineering marvels of the Twentieth Century: PANAMA CANAL and THE MUSEUM OF THE PANAMA CANAL.

Another way to explore the PANAMA CANAL is a complete transit of the Panama canal from the Pacific port of the Panama Canal and ends at an Atlantic port of the Panama Canal. At that point, return to the Pacific port is by bus. A complete transit usually takes about 10 hours.

Other PANAMA CANAL TOUR is partial transit begin at Pacific port and is usually completed by noon at Gamboa where return is by bus to the Pacific port.


Many places in the world do not offer what Panama and metropolitan city offer its variety of beautiful beaches.

Throughout the Coast of the Pacific there is a beach sequence with quite white sand, with waters of the sapphire, offering complex playeros of world-wide quality, golf course in front of the sea of Central America unique and retirement and exceptional communities of the vacations.

Playa Blanca beach is another one of beaches near the city of Panama, in the Coast of the Pacific, with white sands. It can enjoy white beaches of the Decameron Resort and White Playa Resort without having as much to stay it in them.

Playa Blanca beach is one of the more popular attractions tourist in Panama. You can pass a day of beach in a sun of summer to the border of the sea renting very economic bungalows or farms to the Panamanian style. A variety of seafood to very low prices can delight of the fried fish Panama and. It stops after to finish his day returning to the city of Panama, its hotel of predilection and resting in his room or being ready to know the life nocturnal the city of Panama.

VILLA MICHELLE can take to you to know the paradise all beaches or islands that we have in Panama, in the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast. VILLA MICHELLE, also offers lodging per day, week or season long in the best and most beautiful white beach apartment, fully furnished, where not only can enjoy the sea, using the facilities of the White Beach Resort Hotel (Playa Blanca Resort) at low prices, with pool private stove to prepare your food, luxury bathrooms and air conditioning.


Panama has this bathed by the 2 oceans, the Coasts as much in the Atlantic as Coast in the Pacific, without mentioning hundreds of islands scattered in all the country.

Panama offers the most varied beach collection that nobody can imagine that they go from gray sands to white sands of the Caribbean.

You can enjoy these beautiful beaches, enjoy the sun summer all the year and appreciate the natural beauty of his calm beaches.

The beach of Santa Clara is one of those beaches. It is located in the province of Coclé, in the Coast of the Pacific of Panama. It is first white sand beach in the Coast of the Pacific nearest the city of Panama.

In Santa Clara Beach it will find bungalows or farms to the Panamanian style where it could eat delicious seafood to the border of the sea and spend a day spectacular and at night to return to the city.

VILLA MICHELLE can take to you to know the paradise of all beaches and islands of Panama in both coasts, Atlantic and Pacific.


Of extreme importance at an historical and architectonic level it is the old city of Panama, which has been declared “World-wide Patrimony of the Humanity” by UNESCO the 6 of December of 1997.

Here buildings with colonial, French, neoclassic and afroantillana an architecture can be appreciated; alleys with very old ruins and the beautiful colonial churches.


1. International Hotel

2. The Building of the Presidency of the Republic

3. Well-known the Esteban Stroll Kitchen gardens like the Vaults

4. The National Theater

5. Theater Anita Villalaz

6. Municipal Palace

7. Museum of the Channel Interoceanic

8. Religious Art Museum

9. Museum Marries Gongora

10. Museum Reina Torres de Arauz

11. Flat arc (Arco Chato).

12. Church of San Jose " Altar of Oro"

13. Church San Felipe de Neri " The oldest church of Panamá"

14. Church Cathedral

15. Place of France

16. Place Bolivar

17. Place of Independence

18. Herrera place

19. Place Santa Ana

20. The Fiscal Wharf among others.

VILLA MICHELLE offers this spectacular rustic adventure to you.


El Valle de Antòn is located in an ancient volcanic crater where clouds dance atop rainforest covered mountainsides.

El Valle de Antòn is the largest continually inhabited volcanic crater in the World. Located in the Province of Coclé, its rocky composition and volcanic countryside are ideal for exploring such ancient (11,000 years old) historic paths. The local community is mainly descendant of the Guaymì Indian Tribe.

El Valle de Anton is the second largest volcano (extinct) crater in the world, a five kilometer crater that exploded 5 million years ago. The resultant scenery is unique- a steep valley surrounded by jagged peaks and filled with flowers and verdant forest.


1. The Zoo & Botanical Garden,

2. El Nispero

3. Helicopter Tour of Area from Hotel Los Capitanes

4. The Thermal Ponds

5. Las Mosas waterfalls, along Rio Anton Petro glyphs:

6. La Piedra Pintada
Square Trees nearby Hotel Campestre and Golden Frogs.

7. La India Dormida, natural mountain formation in shape of sleeping princess

8. El Chorro Macho waterfalls.

9. Museum next to Catholic Church

10. Artisan & Vegetable Market (Saturday & Sunday Market)

11. Horse Back Riding

12. Bird Watching.

VILLA MICHELLE offers this spectacular rustic adventure to you..

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