The City of Panama most of concentrates the infrastructure dedicated to this activity. Panama is an ideal destiny for the purchases, as much of crafts, as of high tech products. Everything to a relation excellent price-quality. Villa Michelle can accompany your purchases to you and advice in your business.

Purchases: where to buy there are two alternatives in the city of Panama:

1. Free zone of Colon: Located in the Caribbean coast, it is the second greater frank zone in the world. With than 1,600 companies directed more to a market of 525 million consumers, it is the center of more important re-exports of the Western Hemisphere. The imports and the re-exports registered in the Free Zone of Columbus surpass $5.000 annual million respectively. To find in the Free Zone all class of merchandise for your business or your personal purchases from articles of electronic house, devices, computers and articles of gold. To buy in free Zone is to buy without any tax.

2. Purchases - commercial shopping center: The commercial centers are many to buy in the city from Panama to very low prices. Two economic and near commercial centers of the city are ALBROOK MALL and just inaugurated METER MALL, each of them it requires more than one day to finish knowing these great centers commercial.

Conventions and Congresses: Panama has described resources to receive tourism of conventions, congresses and incentives. The city of Panama most of concentrates the infrastructure dedicated to this activity.

Villa Michelle can advice you in your Exhibitions and exhibitions, Tourism of incentive or your Courses and seminaries in the city of Panama.

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