Isla Grande, Panama Island is a popular place in Panama because of its beauty. People from all places come to the island to enjoy the water, snorkeling, fishing, listening to the sea and skinny dipping(at night mostly).The island's name does not really reflect its size, but in comparison to the other islands that surround it, it is the biggest island.
The present population, of afrocolonial origin, can be traced back to the period of massive forced migrations, specially from the regions of Guinea and the Congos, from where they take their name Congos.
Believers in magic, they still practice a rhythmic dance with its contagious drumbeat. You can visit as well the cathedral of the Black Christ, credited for numerous miracles.
Isla Grande is an exciting and popular place in Panama that people simply know as “La Isla” (The Island). The island is inside the Portobelo National park, just 5 minutes by motor boat from the small town of La Guaira on the main land that makes its living out fishing and tourism.
Isla grande has a population of about 300 inhabitants and its surface is mostly covered with plants and trees and its shoreline is surrounded by coral reefs. It is one of the favorite Panamanian tourist destinations and on holidays it receives visitors that fill its small beaches and its narrow town roads
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